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Topographical Survey
To survey the position and level of all ground features and to draw plans at an appropriate scale for architectural or engineering planning and designing of a development or for submission to relevant authorities.

Engineering Survey

• Setting Out Survey: To transfer the designed features from plan to ground.
• As-Built Survey: To check the correctness of the constructed works.

Cadastral Survey
Survey of land and strata lots for filing with SLA for the issuance of ownership titles or for alienation purposes. Only Surveyors registered with the Land Surveyors Board are licensed to do such survey.

Measured Survey
To survey buildings under conservation, their facades using 3D scanning technology or the conventional 3D point survey and to produce elevations, cross sections and floor layouts of the buildings.

Tunnel Survey
Survey and prepare tunnel geometric plans, setting out tunnel alignments, tunnel as-built survey and monitoring of tunnel movements.

Monitoring Survey
To check for any lateral or vertical movement of the ground or structures periodically and to produce monitoring reports.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Other Survey Services
• Geographical Information Services (GIS)
• Dimension Survey
• Hydrographical Survey



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